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When you have the best Midwife.


Today we had our pre clerking ready for c section Monday! We met up with Becky who is a student midwife who we are a caseload for, when we first agreed to this it was based on us having one baby and a home birth! (How quickly things changed!) We’ve known Becky since being pregnant with Little D, he was her first baby she watched being born… Incredible to be a part of her journey to becoming a midwife as she is of our journey into parenthood.
Becky is (going) to make an incredible midwife, she’s patient, she listens, and she goes that extra mile to help put your mind at ease and makes sure you receive the care you really need. She went through everything with us today from the epidural to the aftercare, listening to my fears of being stuck on a bed and feeling fragile after having pain relief and not being able to care for my babies, leaving them in the care of people I don’t know makes me feel panicked! For this she offered to stay over with me so she was the one helping to feed and change if Kris was unable to stay. What do you say to that?
Honestly I wanted to cry that she would go out of her way for us like that despite having her own little girl at home! Thank you really doesn’t seem enough…

We walked out the hospital today on more of a positive high, knowing that Becky will be with us from the moment we get to hospital makes me feel instantly better, she’s also straight up no bullshitting which I like I know where I stand and I know I can depend on her to see me through this, and for that I will be eternally grateful to her.


Nicci x

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