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When Bobby visited Bath & Bristol.

Our 3 year old little boy Milo, is obsessed with Star Wars primarily Boba Fett or as he’s affectionately known in our house Bobby. Storm Troopers will now forever be known as Stormies, which has made me feel like all they really need is just a bloody big hug and they’ll stop being so mean!

Anyway heading to Bath for a stop off before heading to our super swish spa hotel to celebrate our 15th Anniversary, I found Bobby hiding in the centre console whilst popping my Starbucks soya frappucino down (I sound far more pretentious than I actually am! 15th Anniversary with no kids! I was milking it for all it’s worth) I decided that Milo would LOVE it if I took Bobby along and captured some of his adventures along the way.

It was so worth all the weird looks I was getting whilst sitting on the floor to get the right angle etc, as soon as we got home and showed the kids they all were howling with laughter! And the look on Milo’s face was so worth the few minutes here and there to get the shots.

Nicci xx

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