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Looking over the last decade…

Which began with me being more drunk when I woke up than what I went to sleep being. I was a crazy night at my best friends house, involving paramedics being called to another friend who passed out not due to alcohol consumption.

I graduated University in May 2010, with a 2:2 in Visual Communication – Photography. If I’d have applied myself better and did more than the bare minimum I would have no doubt gained a better result, but also I never felt like the lecturers really got me enough, to help me dig a little deeper and really push myself. Being riddled with anxiety has always left me just sitting on the periphery and never really allowing myself to just dive in, I get scared and so even doing the bare minimum often leaves me feeling burnt out. I did the best I could whilst suffering mental illness. In the years I was at Uni I lost my cat which was the catalyst to send me into a mental breakdown and I suffered a bad concussion which left me with partial memory loss and PTSD.

I found a job at the local towns Post Office in October 2011 I was 24, I told myself it would just be temporary as I was expecting eventually the career I neither was working towards or could determine what I actually wanted would just fall out of the sky! *facepalm* I stayed at the Post Office with breaks to have my babies and handing in my notice after my first, only to decide 5 months later that I wanted to go back. In total I spent on and off the the next 7 years, And I’ll be honest I loved it, I loved the people I worked with and the Assistant Manager in particular was wonderful in helping me deal with anxiety. I only left in 2018 because I mostly worked on a Saturday and with Draven starting full time school I needed our Saturdays free.

2012 we moved out of my Mums house and into our own, none of that went particularly well, and in November we lost one of our fur babies Frankie, one of the gentlest, comforting albeit noisiest pussy cats you could meet. She was the size of a jack russel and insisted on sitting on my shoulder at every opportunity! She also couldn’t hear very well. Her sister grieved immensely for her passing.

2013 started out rough to be honest we lost Frankie and then was given notice of eviction a week before Christmas, we found somewhere else to live the week after Christmas and moved in on the 15th January to a tiny one bedroom house with no gas central heating, it only had a little gas fire. But I walked into that little house and felt home. The day we moved was one of the worst snow days we’d had, it had started snowing the evening before and just didn’t stop! Our new garden was about 2ft deep with snow, but I loved it and best of all we let Bettie out of her carrier and she loved it, you could see the stress of living in a house where her sister died leave her.

In February we went to see Deftones, one of the best gigs I’ve been to. We also were lucky enough to meet Stef Carpenter after the gig epic!

March we found out we were expecting, we were overjoyed to say the least. December we finally had our little boy after he kept us waiting by being 8 days late and instead arriving on what has become the busiest day of the year! With it also being my brothers birthday, my best friends eldest daughters birthday and now a very good friend of mine! In the July we also moved house AGAIN! Literally round the corner, I hated leaving that little one bed place, but we needed somewhere bigger and a house with actual heating.

2014 we got engaged at Chester Zoo in the bat cave on our 10th anniversary, for anyone that knows me well will know, that couldn’t have been more perfect.

2015 end of January we found out we were expecting again YAY! My the end of March we found out we were expecting not one but two fresh squishies! These came bounding into earth side in September and well life was full of not much sleep and more nappy changes than I could ever imagine.

2016 we found ourselves in a position to buy our first home, it isn’t perfect and we’re still doing work on it but it’s ours.

2017 I decided I needed to bring more money in so took on a second job in the evenings which meant I was working 6 day weeks, and on top of that Kris had taken on work with a Theatre Company travelling around the country writing protest songs, so I went too for several of the workshops, sometimes finishing in one place and then having to drive home get changed in the car and go to work for my evening shift! It was hard, but I’m glad I did it as it showed me the typical job doesn’t fit with our family and Kris’ career.

2018 was one of the best years we’ve had, I organised a sun holiday to Cornwall for us like I do most years, but this year I decided we’d try Paris too. The kids have been obsessed with our Eiffel Tower poster that hangs in our living room and I desperately wanted to go back. So I booked it and off we went with a 4 year old and two 2 year olds in tow, and they loved it as much as we do. They still ask now when can we go back, I love that we were able to give them those memories of exploring a new place and seeing the wonder within it.

September I left my job, I was sad about leaving but felt it was the right thing to do. And it was I just wasn’t ready for the impact of leaving would have on me.

2019 The Twins started nursery doing half days 5 days a week. In their first week I was left with a migraine with aura that resulted in vertigo, and at the same time Milo came down with scarlet fever eventually meaning the others also ended up with it. On and off all year I’ve suffered with migraines and vertigo, I’m fairly convinced now though that vertigo is related to anxiety and once I gained that under control the vertigo has pretty much gone, unless I use a lift or the car next to me when I’m stationary starts moving backwards then it seems to throw my equilibrium off.

We had a pretty awesome summer holidays with friends and the kids loved just playing at the park and eating ice cream. Draven’s gone in to year 1 and loving school, and the twins are still in nursery but now the oldest group there and they love it.

October came round and we found out we were expecting again, this time elation was replaced with trepidation as we just don’t have the room for another little person, our cars aren’t big enough. It wasn’t meant to be (you can read the full story here’s) so 2019 has come to a close tinged with sadness and grief, our hopes for 2020 are to make memories and work our socks off to get the life we want.

Here’s to the 20’s the next decade hopefully will have more epic adventures.

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