Here are some of my favourite recipes, that I’ve scoured the internet for on my quest to find delicious vegan treats, meals and snacks. Some I’ve changed slightly from the original recipe, I like to tweak things or add in ingredients that I think will work better. Those I haven’t changed will be credited with where I’ve found them.

Since going fully vegan about 2 years ago, I’ve spent hours upon hours searching for recipes for the perfect cake (I love cake!) tasty treats for the kids and things I can whip up for birthday parties for the kids. Vegan cooking is so easy, the hardest part is probably getting your head around how easy it is. And it’s great even if you eat animal products, no eggs to make pancakes, there’s a hack for that! I know a lot of people think Vegan cooking must taste weird, or it’s just not the same and it’s always a compromise on flavour, or you find recipes that are so spice heavy as if they’re desperate to make it taste like something. Honestly though, if you’ve never tried anything vegan, or cooked / baked with basic ingredients, just give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

I do get really annoyed when I’m looking for a recipe and the person writing the post gives you a run down of their life story before giving you the actual recipe, and nothing they’ve said has anything to do with the recipe, you just gotta keep scrolling all the way through to get to the ingredients list. So I won’t do that, I promise!

Nicci xx

Simple Bread Recipe

I’ve tried to make bread no end of times, and every time it always seemed to come out too heavy, or too doughy. I even had a bread maker once, which worked perfectly for a couple of times and then seemed to give me heavy bread or undercooked bread, so I gave up. But this gives you perfect bread every time!

Vegan Victoria sponge with Vegan whipped cream.

I love cake, I’m not gonna lie! But finding a vegan recipe is always a bit tricky, I don’t have flax seeds nor have I ever used them, egg replacer only seems to work for certain things. Then I found this recipe, and it’s perfect! You get a gorgeously fluffy cake every single time.

Vegan Banana Bread with walnuts

I love Banana Bread, and so do the kids! (Bonus) It’s so quick and easy to make too, and I love that it can be frozen.

Vegan pancakes without banana

I love pancakes and have tried just about every vegan recipe I can get my hands on, I’ve found a couple I really like, but they usually use bananas and Kris isn’t a fan. This gives you the fluffiest pancakes every time.


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