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Pregnancy woes!

Pregnancy woes! 23/08/15

At 34wks I’m struggling big time!
I’ve suffered with SPD since 10-12wks which seemed to dissipate for a while but over the last couple of weeks has come back with a vengeance! I’m finding it hard to turn over in bed, my pelvis cracks at times when I do turn over in bed, the shear weight of my bump makes it hard to just roll over without feeling like I’m being crushed! I have to change positions regularly as my hips feel crushed lying on one side for too long… So far I have escaped the swollen ankles but my feet hurt standing to long and generally just feel tired!
I had no stretch marks last pregnancy and managed to get to 33wks this time without any! But now the skin on my bump is so sore and tender, I have now gained stretch marks on my stomach as well as on my legs 😭 suppose it was inevitable really, my bump is so heavy and at present measuring 41wks.

To be honest my body right now feels broken… I’m hoping I can correct it all once the bubbas are here


Nicci x

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