New Business Venture!

I’ve spent so long wondering what I could / should be doing with my life, that I’ve for the most part done nothing with it. I’ve tried my hand at a multitude of things craft wise, but my heart has never been in it and so I’ve never done very well. Sewing however is where my heart has always been, I was 4 years old when my Mum sat me down at her old Singer Sewing machine, it was slow as hell and the heaviest thing I’ve ever come across, but it did the job. I fell in love with it, at college I studied fashion & textiles as part of a fine art course, I loved both, I love being able to take a piece of fabric and create something out of it.

At university I studied Photography as part of a Visual Communications course, I’ve always loved photography and capturing moments. After leaving uni though I never felt able to pick up my camera and create a business around it, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and feeling like if I had to have a business that needed to put food on the table I’d eventually start to hate it. I did a couple of weddings for friends and family and although I loved doing them, I just couldn’t see myself doing it full time.

Then came the kids, and choosing a career that would mean I would need to be away most weekends put paid to that idea anyhow. And so here we are, I’ve had a love of fabric since forever and spend far too many hours online looking for fabric mostly without any idea of what I’m intending on using it for. With a box full of fabric, I decided maybe I should just go for it and set up my own little business creating items I actually want, things I want for my own kids.

During the first lockdown I researched for hours the fabrics best suited for face masks, and the style etc so I could make our own. And so I’ve decided to start with face masks, whilst spending time coming up with ideas for items I can start adding to my Etsy store early 2021.

Fashion is where my heart lies, along with upcycling and repurposing clothing. Sustainability will be at the forefront of anything I create, and if I can reuse items already out there that I can make into something else then that’ll be fantastic. I’m wanting to create one off pieces or short runs of things, rather than mass produced items.

My Etsy store will be launching tonight (Wednesday 25th November) at 8pm GMT with limited numbers of 6 designs of masks, so far. I have more designs I’ll be adding over the weekend, along with Men’s sized masks and Children’s.

A £1 from every item sold in my store will be donated to Papyrus-UK, as a survivor of suicide loss it’s always been important to me to support and raise awareness of charities dedicated in the prevention of suicide and help for those bereaved by suicide loss.

Head on over to my instagram @cosimas_closet.

Nicci x