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Music that has defined me… Deftones

I’d heard some of Deftones stuff way back when around the time of Back to School, and although I liked that song I wasn’t much of a fan of anything else they were doing… Then fast forward to 2010 Kris came home with their album Diamond Eyes, and he suggested I just give em a chance… He put it on in the car whilst we were driving home from somewhere, and the opening to Diamond Eyes the single literally had me hooked! I listened to that album over and over again, I couldn’t understand why I’d never given them a proper listen to before. Then in 2012 came Koi no Yokan which I also fell absolutely in love with the first time I heard it.

We went to see them the following February in 2013 in Birmingham. And wow they totally blew me away, it was everything I could have wanted from them live and more. Here’s a few pics from the evening, photos aren’t great quality I think they were taken on my phone which at the time would have been an iPhone 4 maybe.

After the gig heading back the car we spotted their tourbus so shamelessly we did hang out waiting to see if they’d come out, and sure enough they did! We got to chat to Stef for ages such a lovely guy (along with other people, there was quite a crowd gathering at one point) I also got to say Hi to Chino and shake his hand before they all boarded the bus. It’s really something when you get to say Hi and thank you for doing what you do to people you absolutely admire.

me with Stef Carpenter

Koi no Yokan means so much to us, by the end of 2013 we’d become parents to a baby boy, the commute to work by bus most days whilst pregnant meant me listening to both albums over and over on my iPod, which did mean when he came out into the world the only song that could help him calm down was Poltergeist or You’ve seen the butcher. He still really loves Deftones now at the age of 5.

When expecting our twins we struggled endlessly for what to call our littlest boy, eventually settling on Camilo after Chino but dropping the second L in Chino’s real name so he had the same amount of letters in his name as his twin sister.

I have two Deftones inspired tattoos one for Camilo the owl from the Diamond Eyes album to go with a Crow I had for Draven on my left arm and Koi No Yokan written on my under my left arm which Kris and myself had done together.

Deftones Diamond Eyes Owl for Camilo.

We both had Koi No Yokan – Knowing you will inevitably fall in love.

Diamond eyes, You’ve seen the Butcher, Sextape, This Place is Death, Entombed, Poltergeist and what happened to you are my go to songs. I was bought Koi No Yokan on vinyl for Christmas one year it sounds beautiful on vinyl.

I really love Chinos voice, and also love his other band Crosses too. I haven’t sadly given much time to Gore as it didn’t grab me the first time I heard it so I’ve just kind of shoved it away. I will get it out and give it another shot, sometimes I find that I’m just not in the right place to hear certain things, and then months or years later I’ll hear it and something in my brain just clicks and suddenly I get it and I love it. I’m really hoping that’s the case with Gore.

Nicci xx

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