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Laundry routine

I’ve tried several routines for laundry, they all seem to come from Americans I’ve found on you tube or bloggers I’ve come across. The one thing I seem to notice is, they all have laundry rooms, and their times for school etc must be somewhat different than ours, but also the ones I’ve tried they seem to have massive dryers, that can cope with a lot of washing in one go. And they never seem to peg out? Is that a British thing? A European thing?

So after spending hours looking for ways to make life simpler trying to keep on top of our family of 5’s washing, and the fact having three under 6 means they seem to need to change clothes 3 times a day! (why do kids do this?) I found what worked for us.


Every day I put a load of clothes washing on, I load the machine the night before and stick it on whilst I get breakfast ready, by the time we’re finished and dressed it’s washed. So I can take it to peg out or throw it in the dryer and put those clothes that can’t go in the dryer on the airer, I stand in front of my patio doors.

Once it’s all dry I will attempt to fold and put it away, so it’s done and dusted and the wash basket is empty ready for the next day.

If the kids are at school, I chuck a load on as soon as we come home on a Friday, they have a clean top for every day so by Friday I have enough for a full load of whites to go on. I’ll throw these in the dryer and iron them as soon as they come out, so by 8pm they’re now back in their drawers ready for Monday. The rest of their uniform I was with the darks, as and when I throw a load on so they always have clean jumpers and trousers through the week.

On a Saturday I’ll change the kids beds first, get those in to wash, if it’s nice I’ll peg out and wash our bedding. If the weathers rubbish I have to dry their bedding in 2 separate loads, purely because if I stick it all in together nothing dries and it takes hours! I split it into drying all the bottom sheets and pillow cases, and then the quilt covers, which takes less time.

If it’s nice on a Saturday and we aren’t going anywhere I’ll also chuck the towels out the bathroom on otherwise I’ll leave them for Sunday morning.

For the throws on the sofa and the cushion covers I’ll do those on an afternoon when the weather allows, or if I haven’t had a load of clothes to do one day in the week.

Download a printable pdf here —>Simple Laundry Routine


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