How to reuse all those Christmas Cards!

Christmas is a magical time, and I love all of it! but if like me you find yourself with a string across the living room wall stacked high with Christmas cards, usually from the kids class mates, then this is for you.

Having three small children under 7, we end up with a LOT of Christmas cards sent home from class friends. At the start of December they wrote 75 cards between them for their classes, just thankful they can all write their own cards to be honest, but obviously that also means we end up with 75 cards back! They’re all still very much in the motion of writing for their entire class and not just the friends they play with, I mean it’s great I think it’s lovely they’re encouraged to write cards for all the class as then there isn’t anyone left out. But at the same time this also means there’s a lot of cards to deal with, I usually pop a piece of string on a couple of nails in the hallway and pop them all along there, keeping the bookcase in the living room for special cards off family / friends.

With those from school plus the few we get from neighbours and friends, we end up with a lot. So rather than just stick them in the recycling at the end of the holidays, I cut the ones that don’t have writing all over the inside up (why do kids write all over the inside of the cards?!) and make gift tags ready for the following year.

Here’s what to do with all those Christmas Cards.

First step;

Grab yourself all those cards from the kids classmates, and any others that you don’t save. Grab a cup of coffee, some scissors, a cup or anything round if you want round ones and a pencil.

Second step;

Go through each card, and make a pile of the ones that have been written on all over the inside! those you can throw away. Once you’ve got a pile of cards that can be used, cut them down the spine so you’re left with the front.

Now you could just cut them in half and leave it there, hole punch a hole in the top and bam you’ve got yourself a tag, or you could use those cookie cutters in tree / Santa / gingerbread man shapes to create cute shapes out of the front of the card or even just a glass to make a round tag and then punch a hole through.

A Christmas card on a dark brown table top with a cookie cutter on top, to draw around
I wanted round gift tags, so used a cookie cutter as a template to draw around.

I wanted to create round tags, so I grabbed a large cookie cutter and drew around it and cut them out. Careful to include any writing on the front, a couple of the bigger cards I had, I managed to get two tags out of, by using a smaller cookie cutter to draw around.

a selection of Christmas card gift tags, some cut out to create round gift tags.

Some cards have too much going on or have writing that would be cut in half, so I’ve left those ones the size they are.


Third step;

A selection of round Christmas card gift tags, on a table top, with snowman hole punch to create holes.
I love these cute little hole punches.

To do the hole for the ribbon / cord etc to go through, I used these cute little snowman and stag hole punches I picked up in hobby craft a few years ago, I think they were a £1 each. You could just use a standard hole punch if you have one, but these make cute little pieces of confetti.

Snowman and stag confetti pieces, from the hole punches.
They’re great for creating confetti.

You could also use the hole punched pieces of card as confetti for the Christmas table, or to include in cards if you’re so inclined.

And that’s it you’re done!

Celebrate your organised bad self! 

I had a box from some chocolates that was empty, so I swiped it before it ended up in the recycling bin, and used it to create a box for the recycled gift tags, along with the punches and cord. I’m one of those people who keep string / cord / ribbon etc off presents to reuse. And yes I also keep gift bags, stored in a bag in the Christmas Cupboard (which is technically the airing cupboard, but there’s more Christmas stuff than towels in there!)

Christmas card gift tags, hole punches and red & white cord stored together in a black box.
All nicely stored together, in an empty chocolate box.


And that’s all there is to it, will take you maybe half an hour depending on the shape you’ve chosen to go with, and can be done before you start taking down all the Christmas Decorations.

I love it when things are properly organised, makes life easier too when it comes to wrapping gifts and everything you need is already in one place.

So before you throw out your cards, consider re utilising them for gift tags.

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Nicci xx