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Last year I decide to do another Sun holiday as it had worked out pretty well the previous year, but after booking for Cornwall I started looking at where else we could go. By pure chance I clocked Paris and given how much I love the place I decided to go for it, crazy? maybe I mean we had two 2yr olds a 4 yr old and Kris comes with a wheelchair! and we’d have to drive over… Annnnnd it needed to be done on a budget, as this was holiday number 2.

Doing it via the Sun holiday scheme meant we’d be booking for a camp site which is great for us because we like to be out exploring, and I’m not too fussed about where we’re staying. I chose Paris est Champaigny as it was closer to Paris city centre. We chose the last week of August for this holiday 27th – 31st as Dra was about to start full time when school re opened in September.

Sun Holiday - £75.00
Damage Waiver - £15.00
Park Supplement - £30.00
Sun holiday insurance - £29.00
Total - £149.00

We used the tunnel to get over to France, because Kris gets sea sick and it took longer to get over. The cost of the tunnel would have been less had we booked earlier! We decided to stay over in Folkestone the night before so we didn’t have to get up stupidly early and travel down from the Midlands but also because it’s about a 3 hour drive from Calais to Paris. We also opted to stay over on the way back to give the kids a break from travelling.

Euro tunnel - £136.00
Hotel Folkestone - £100.00
Disneyland tickets x3 - £162.00
Euro travel Kit - £18.00
Hotel - £86.00
Total - £502.00

I wanted to spend as little as possible, so we took a box full of hazelnut and soya milk, cereal, tinned stuff and washing up liquid, toilet rolls etc in my next post I’ll discuss the camp site and pop in tips on how to make your stay better. I gave us a budget of around 500 euros for the 5 days which we managed to come under, except for the day we arrived but we needed fuel which added a fair bit to our cost that day.

Diesel, food, parking
120€ (£107.62)

TUESDAY (EIFFEL TOWER / Arc de Triomphe)
4€ bus to Joinville le Pont
20€ Paris Visite
30€ bagels x3 + water
5.80€ coffee
16€ ice cream
1€ bottle of water
8€ carousel
84.80€ (£74.27)

6€ coffees
37€ dinner
14.98€ crepes
12€ keyrings
10€ kids gifts
79.98€ (£71.73)

4€ bus
12€ paris visite
28€ pizza + coffee
6€ food bits
6€ carousel
56€ (£50.22)

40€ Diesel
38€ food
78€ (£68.32)

TOTAL SPEND = £372.16

To make things cheaper when we go out, instead of buying the kids children meals we buy an adults meal and split it, if that’s not going to be enough food we get Draven a kids meal and split an adults meal between the twins, as this is usually better value, and for a drink we either ask for tap water or buy a bottle and split it. We also cooked dinners at the campsite as even though we were on holiday I like the kids to still be in bed for around 7:30pm / 8pm just because they get very grumpy and it ruins the next day if they’re tired. So other than the Wednesday we were back for around 6pm or so on the other days, had dinner got washed and then straight to bed. Our days were packed and tiring but the kids still talk about Paris and that makes it all worth it!

What I didn’t realise at the time was that we could have purchased the Paris Visite from the campsite reception! which would have saved us a couple of euros each day, the kids all went for free on public transport as I think it’s up to age 5 that can travel for free.

So total holiday cost came in at £1,023.16 which for a family of 5 I don’t think is too bad given we had somewhere to stay, 2 hotels, a disneyland trip and had to buy fuel. If you have any tips on how you budget for family holidays I would love to hear them.

Nicci xx

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