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How many sleeps until Halloween?

Is the question I get asked about 12 times a day! I’m guessing they’re a little excited this year.

The kids break up on Friday for a week and we have a Halloween party to go to at the local club, £1 entry for parents really can’t grumble at that can you. We then have school friends (brothers) joint party on Sunday, they’ve all been invited as Sisi & Milo are in the littlest brothers class and Dra is friends with his older brother. That’s also Halloween themed (seriously making use of these costumes this year!) Then we have a zoo trip planned in which our local zoo that we are members of have a Halloween themed event for 2 weeks, so the kids can go dressed up then too, and finally it’ll be ACTUAL Halloween. Which Milo is sooooo excited for he could burst, they’ve never been trick or treating so it’s a whole new fun experience for them.

He asked me the other day how many sleeps until Halloween, I asked for what the party or actual Halloween, and he replied with “when we get go in the street to do the Halloween” I’m not sure what he thinks is gonna happen that night, but I sure hope I can make it live up to his excited expectations!

Due to all the party madness I had to time how long make up is gonna take as on Friday we don’t have long between getting in from school, having dinner and getting ready before heading back out.

Last night I did their faces and timed it! 45 mins in total, not bad for a first try! I’ll be so fast by the end of Halloween though I’ll be a pro. *lol* Just need to find some powder I can put on to stop it rubbing off now.


Nicci x

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