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Handing over the reins of decorating our Christmas Tree!

Once upon a time… I lived in a fairy Princess castle far far away surrounded by Christmas Trees… I can wish! Haha..

No no, I mean I lived for Christmas and especially for putting up my Christmas tree. I’d spend hours placing the baubles in just the right place, making sure there were no clumps of decorations together. And stepping back checking over and over again that the flow of silver baubles looked great next to any of the other colours I had.

Once I had Children, in the early days I still did as above although the bottom branches ended up looking mostly bare from where tiny hands had smacked baubles over and over and they’d bounced off and rolled somewhere in to the great beyond and batted round the living room by the cat!

And then last year I wasn’t feeling too good when we got the tree out to decorate, I had every intention of doing it once the kids were in bed, Dra at the time being 5 started asking if he could help, could the twins help? Fine I relented yeah sure why not, I figured I’d just strip it and re do it once they were in bed…

But you know what? They had at it and I actually loved it! It didn’t make my anxiety spike like I thought it would. So this year I got it out ready for them to sprinkle some magic on it, only to be met with “it’s just not fair Charleys Elf decorates their tree!” *facepalm* Are you kidding me right now!? You mean I could have bloody decorated this on my own and you’d have been fine with it! That flipping Elf!

They soon sucked it up that we clearly have a very lazy Elf *Tut Tut* and decorated it themselves!

And I LOVE it! In all of it’s mismatched random glory.

Nicci x

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