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Halloween haul.

I had the requests for costumes handed to me over two months ago (my kids are way more organised than I am) So whilst out shopping a few weeks ago I thought I’d have a little look, wowzers! £12.00 per costume in Sainsburys and Morrisons, which no I know doesn’t sound that much but that’s £36.00 for us. Sod that!

I decided to look on eBay as everyone seems to sell their old costumes around this time, seriously the amount of cool stuff and for bargain prices is crazy.

I got Sisi a witch costume to the tune of £1.20 with £3.00 p&p, Dra wanted a vampire costume bagged that one for £5.00 plus £2.90 p&p and Milo wanted to be a skeleton, awesome found one and won it for £1.10 plus £2.90 p&p.

£7.30 for costumes and £8.80 in postage, Milo needed some gloves found them for £1 in wilkos and Sisi needed some tights, grabbed some off amazon for £2.35 so for a total of £19.45 I bagged 3 costumes, saving us £16.55.

Seriously chuffed with that. I also found wilkos had trick or treat buckets for £0.50 each, half price cheaper than the £1 shop, it really does pay to look around. I love eBay I bought loads of clothes for the kids off it this year, in a bid to try and cut spending, I’ll do an eBay haul post for that.

£1 from Wilkos

Whilst in the pound shop I picked up 2 black glitter candles that flicker, a black glitter skull head whose eyes light up, 2 bottles of “poison” a ghost candle holder and a little thing that displays a scene on the walls. Total cost £7.00

Found some snap bracelets in Sainsburys which I HAD to have as they were in a pack of 3 (which never happens) and weirdly enough they had a witch, vampire and skeleton! what are the chances? they were £2.50.

I’ll be popping back to Sainsburys after Halloween to have a look what they have in the sale. Before Christmas I’m also gonna keep my eyes open for costumes for world book day, for next year as those can be crazy expensive in the weeks leading up to it.

For under £35.00 I’ve covered Halloween for this year for the 3 of them, which is the same price for 3 costumes from the supermarkets! we have a party to go to which only I have to pay for (£1) and they all want a pumpkin each, pretty sure I seen Morrisons are doing those for £1 each, I’m gonna head over and grab a few this week before they all go. And if we look after the decorations, costumes and trick or treat buckets we can use those again next year, saving us even more next year.

Nicci x

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