Freshly Dyed!

Going from box dyed purple to semi permanent blue & red, and throwing some bleach in the mix too! Here’s how I did it.

Here’s what I used.

  • Colorista Bleach,
  • La Riche Pillar Box Red
  • La Riche Blue Lagoon
  • La Riche Denim Blue
  • Gloves
  • Plastic bowl
  • Dye Brush

*Please note I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by any company I mention here.

I’ve been a dyed red head since about 2006 when I started Uni. Over the years I’ve gone, blue / black, black, brunette, but always come back to red. I’ve also NEVER bleached my hair before, I’ve always just gone down the route of using Colourless and stripping the last dark colour and then re dying with Live brown to red dye, and topping up with La Riche Directions Pillar Box red.

To get this red I would just use any superdrugs own or Live reds and would mix and match to get depth.

Recently I did as above stripped my colour but fancied a change and went with Loreal – Colorista in violet, I did really love it, BUT it still was too dark and “safe” and frankly I’m bored of “safe.” I’m bored of the idea that you have to become mumsie in order to be a good Mum, I don’t feel Mumsie nor do I dress like it. And in all honesty anxiety has REALLY kicked my ass this year, and I feel lost.

Before – Dyed using Loreal Colorista in Violet.

So I decided to go with the age old advice of “dress for the job you want” kinda thing, and look at what I actually want, well I’m fortunate enough that I don’t need to work for anyone but myself, and don’t have to deal with being told what colour my hair needs to be for my job, I mean does it matter? Does a blonde women know how to do her job better than a blue haired woman? I worked in customer service for years, luckily my boss was fine with the fact I had visible tattoos and bright red hair, and nobody ever had an issue with it, in fact I gained complements from all kinds of people, from young guys to elderly ladies.

My dress sense has changed dramatically over the years, I no longer wear massively huge bell bottoms that suck water up like nobodies business, how do you even drive in those? They worked when I could walk slowly everywhere sweeping up the floor as I went, but chasing down three under five I need to move fast! Preferably without tripping over my jeans, I mean I have a hard enough job of not tripping over thin air! But I am bored, I feel bland and dull, I decided I needed a dramatic change. And hair is the easiest of everything to change with more impact.

I wanted blue all over, but after bleaching my hair with Loreal Colorista Bleach (of which I used 3 boxes, I have far too much hair) The mid section was still more on the orange side, which admittedly looked ace! We’ll shelve that look for another time, I had some red left so to be on the safe side I went for red and blue, last thing I wanted was for the mid section to just end up a muddy brown!

After bleaching.

Colorista Bleach left my hair feeling really nice to be honest, having never bleached my hair before I was scared of it ending up brittle and feeling dry. It felt in really good condition and I will definitely use this again.

After first dying it I’ll admit I was apprehensive about going out out, anxiety literally sucks the life out of you. It’s now been about 4 days and I LOVE it! I feel like me again, I haven’t felt like me in a long time, since becoming a Mum I feel I’ve lost a huge part of who I am, and what I can do. I feel so much better in myself since dying my hair.

To get the blue I used La Riche Directions in Denim Blue, but it still had a yellow tint to it, so I went over it with Blue Lagoon and I’m really happy with it now. I just threw the red on after I did all my roots and part way down blue, so they mixed a little to create a purple hue in the middle. on top now it kind of resembles a mermaid type colour.

Freshly Dyed! using La Riche Directions – Pillar box red, Blue Lagoon, Denim blue.


Nicci x