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February Faces Challenge

Scouring the internet late last night I discovered an art challenge website, Kick in the Creative. They have month long challenges throughout the year. There are a couple of challenges each month you can choose from, and I’ve chosen the February Faces, which means you draw a face a day using the prompts they send if you need and ideally upload on to social media to hold yourself accountable.

I’m a day a late but hey what’s a day. I wasn’t sure I would have time to do this and then blog about it every day too! So this morning I sat down and got my iPad out and just went for it to see how long it would take me, and in all honesty it didn’t take that long.

I opted to use a photograph I had already taken as my reference, as plucking imaginary faces out of my head has never been a strong point of mine. I use  a photo as a layer and sketch on a separate layer on top to gain proportions, purely because I haven’t drawn in so long. Once I have the basic shape and placement of eyes, mouth, nose I get rid of the photo layer and switch to using the photo on my phone so I can see it for reference for shadows, hair line etc.

I’ve been using Procreate on iPad for drawing and today I chose to use charcoal, which I used to find super messy but obviously works great on iPad without smudging. (Lol)

I spent maybe 20 / 25 mins drawing it out and I’m happy with the end result, my shading needs some extra work but given I haven’t drawn too much in over 13 years I don’t think it’s too bad. I’m making it a commitment to draw more especially now I have an iPad I’m dedicating to create digital art.

Day 1 prompt – Happy

For this first day I went for a picture of Camilo sat on a bench in Paris looking very happy with himself. I used a pencil tool in Procreate for iPad for this, I do feel it could be a little darker in some areas as it’s very light and a little smudged.

Day 2 prompt – Moustache

I had to choose the king of moustaches Mr Tom Selleck for this challenge, and I love how it turned out, for this I used the dry ink pen in procreate for iPad.


I really love these month long challenges as I think it helps so much in keeping the creative juices flowing or getting you out of a rut, but also can help you venture into an area you might not even consider normally. It’s a month to do something which is going to look great in an ever expanding portfolio of work.


Day 3 prompt – Big Hair

I opted for today’s challenge to go back to a style I developed whilst doing fashion during my college days. I used to use this simple style of only a shaded face for model drawings for clothing designs, which I figured would give the big hair more of a stage to showcase it. I loved using my ipad for this, the pressure on my hand using pen and paper is sometimes too much, but I find this way it’s easier on my hand and gives me more freedom to work. I love how quick and simple these drawings can be.

For this I used the marker pen tool in procreate for iPad

Day 4 Prompt – Baby

I used one of my twins for this one, I feel the shading under her eyes is a little too heavy,  but am super pleased with how her hair turned out. I used the pencil tool in Procreate on the iPad for this one.


Day 5 prompt – Bald

For this I used Cosima’s twin brother Camilo for this one as out of all my babies he was the one born with the least amount of hair. I used a pen tool in Procreate for this one. I really like the simplicity of this one.



Day 6 prompt – Beard

I used Kris for this one, I didn’t want it too detailed as I wanted his beard to be the thing to stand out. I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.


Nicci xx

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