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Ebay Haul – Kids

The kids need new clothes more times than I can count, now I’ve always been the sort of person that if someone offers me a bag of clothes for one of my kids, I say yes, I can go through and if there’s things I don’t like I can re gift them on or pass them to charity. But sometimes they need clothes, shoes, accessories sooner than I can be gifted anything.

I decided to have a look at eBay this year as I always try to buy things in the sales, so I’ll buy summer stuff at the end of summer ready for next year and winter stuff at the end of winter ready for the following one. Only this year due to chronic anxiety that all went out the window, and I’m desperately trying to save us money wherever we can.

I looked at what they needed and managed to find Milo a bundle of 4-5 year jeans 4 pairs and I got those for a £1! 5 t.shirts I got for £1.70, 6 long sleeve GAP tops for £4.00, he wanted some green high top converse which I nabbed for £4.20 and he wanted some New Balance trainers like his brother which I got for £5.00.

Dra also wanted some high top converse, which I got for £7.60, 4 pairs of jeans £4.20 a backpack to use for school brand new with tags for £1.20, and a pair of New Balance trainers for £12.48.

I had a massive bag of clothes for Sisi from a friend so she hasn’t needed too much, I got her a pair of pink converse pumps for £1.50 and a pair of Nike Air for £5.50.


I know you have to pay postage on eBay things but I find if you can spot the items that are gonna sell at silly times like 12:23 in the afternoon or 6:52pm or even 7:46am those posts don’t tend to get a lot of traffic which means you get more of a bargain even with postage thrown in. And if you buy a few items from one seller ask them to combine postage and hell to the yeah an even better bargain!

I’ve spent so far this year: £15.90 on Milo, £7.00 on Sisi and £25.48 on Dra.

Postage costs is around £36.00 which seems high but that is for over the year so far for all the items, and the cost per item with postage is still less than if I had paid for the item brand new.

Now for the boys I will save things that are a little too small for Dra for Milo so he has some of the hand me downs where possible, they are in a lot of things similar sizes though, which makes that harder. I then save all their shoes they’ve outgrown, I’ll wash them and then stick them on eBay, along with any decent clothes in bundles. Or I will see if I can find someone with a younger child that may want some hand me downs.

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