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Easter Bonnets, reuse, repurpose

Before school breaks up for Easter, every year the kids have an Easter Bonnet parade. Obviously during this very difficult time, whilst we are currently on lockdown that hasn’t been possible, as school for us ended on March 20th.

But every year I deconstruct last years, and reuse as much as possible whilst adding new bits.This year they still really wanted to do hats, so we deconstructed them just the same and re made them, using things from each of their hats and shared those things out, along with adding new bits out of my craft stash.

Deconstructing last years hats.

Now I’ll be honest usually I do the hats and just get them to give me a theme, I’m one of those Moms! I’m not big on handing the control and reins over to a 6 year old and two 4 year olds. But I decided to just let them have at it, and frankly they’ve done a superb job! I can be cool about letting them raid my craft supply I’ve spent years building (honest) 

Getting Creative

They loved doing it and worked really hard on them, and that’s the main thing right now, isn’t it? allowing them to build memories of fun and laughter and quality family time, instead of remembering this time as one of stress and upset.

Finished hats!

Happy Easter everyone!

Nicci xx

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