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Days out – The Heights of Abraham.

Although this isn’t all that cheap if you’re a family, (2 adults 2 children £50) if you’re just a couple or a family with children under 5 then this could be a cheap day out for you.

Looking for something fun to do with the twins today (6th April 2019) whilst the biggest one is at Nannies for a sleepover, we decided to try The Heights of Abraham located within the Derbyshire countryside of Matlock Bath. Now I did check the website as I always do for wheelchair access, and although it states there is a steep slope up to the cable cars entrance it states that most of the park is wheelchair friendly.

Parking is sparse and costs £3.80 for 3hrs other prices are included on the machines which only take change. (blue badges pay same price) The cafe located at the top of the carpark is lovely and well worth a stop at. They have a lovely little gift shop, food and drinks are reasonably priced and they serve delicious vegan espresso and walnut cake! We stopped for lunch as soon as we arrived and as we had brought our own, we grabbed two slices of cake and two coffees which came to around £10.00.

I really hope they serve fried green tomatoes.

The cable cars once you get to them are pretty cool, you get a car per family which is nice, prices are £18.00 per adult and under 5’s go FREE which is great. There are size limits for wheelchairs and scooters so check the website for these first.

Now the terrain is great all paved areas, but the gradient of the slopes makes it actually not wheelchair accessible at all unless someone is on hand to push / grab hold of your chair. I honestly don’t know how someone in a power assisted chair would fair or even in a mobility scooter, some of the hills are a chore to walk up let alone push a chair up.

Had we have done this with a pushchair too we would have been well and truly stuck! I had to push Kris up slopes and then hold on to his chair so he didn’t tip out on coming down all whilst trying to keep track of and keep together two rambunctious 3 year olds.

The views are stunning, and well worth a visit for and the cavern looked amazing, had we have had time I would have loved to go down, but the guided tour takes approx 35 mins and our parking was up in 40 mins! doh! The place has 2 play parks, one of which is down a steep slope or steep steps, which is totally inaccessible for wheelchairs there is a notice that states not to take wheelchairs beyond that point.

Slope to play park

There are several things to do here other than visiting the Caverns, you can watch a short documentary about the caverns and discover how the Heights of Abraham came about, which was very informative. That’s in the ‘Through the Lens’ centre located next to the second play park after the ice cream stand.

The fossil centre was just too steep to get to! So we had to leave that one out. Toilets are located in the visitor centre as you get off the cable cars, which are easier to get to than the other toilets which are after the cavern entrance up a steep slope!

The twins had fun so wasn’t a total show stopper but I doubt we’ll venture here again.

View from the cable cars
The cable cars were just too high for these guys!

This place will be stunning at any time of the year, and well worth a visit if you can get around.

What we spent

  • Lunch – £12.00 for stuff from Morrisons for the 4 of us.
  • Parking – £3.80
  • Coffee and Cake – £10.00
  • Cable car – £36.00
  • Gifts from gift shop – £11.40

Nicci xx

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