Tic Tac No T.shirts in Collaboration with Dyskinetic.

Each T-Shirt is hand painted to order, by Kris & myself.

The Tic Tac No started life as a design Kris created during his time at art college.

“It represents a very simple truth: There are things we accept in life even though we *know* they’re wrong. The Tic Tac No is a reminder to look for the truth.” – Kris Halpin

Kris has worn them on stage for a few years, and always gets asked about them whilst on tour or at Conferences.

These are made to order, but turnaround is pretty tight. They come on high quality tees with a slight stretch feel. We currently offer mens longline and ladies skinny fit.

Sizes are Small, Medium, Large in both styles.

Longlines are the default his choice, skinny hers. Longlines would also make a neat T-Shirt dress for ladies, and skinny fit ditto for skinny guys. Buy the body-positive shape for you.

They’re £25 each for a limited time, plus £3.50 p&p. For international postage please get in touch.

To purchase yours please visit Dyskinetic


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