Unwritten – Hattie Jude


Title: Unwritten – The Longlake Duet book 1

Author: Hattie Jude

Date of publication: January 21st 2021

Publication: Independently published.

Pages: 156

Edition Language: English.

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


I’m the new girl at school.
I want to finish my senior year at Longlake Academy in peace, preferably unnoticed, since I left Las Vegas to escape.
But it doesn’t work.
Secrets have a way of following me wherever I go.
And the new people in my life might be even worse than the ones I left behind.
Raf Barron is toxic, but I can’t seem to stop wanting him.
In a world where everything is about appearance, there’s no one I can trust. Friendships are murky, lust is mistaken for love, and decency is not even a consideration.
Welcome to Longlake.
I already want to leave.
Unwritten is a dark romance, the first book in The Longlake Due– from Amazon Kindle


We first meet Gabi as she prepares for her first day of another new school, she’s starting at the elite private school of Longlake Academy in Long Island. We gain teasers of information about her past and why her and her Mum have moved from Las Vegas to Long Island, not enough to tell us much, but enough to pique our interest.

Raf is the gorgeous god-like boy from next door, and of course he seems to have it out for Gabi from day one. 

The relationships Gabi builds with Ashton and Luci feels strong, but at the same time there’s little pieces that drop that make us question wether their motives are really genuine. 

Gabi and Raf’s budding relationship has a lot of will they – won’t they, when they do sparks fly! But of course nothing is simple in Gabi’s world and she’s left feeling more confused and destroyed than the time before. Her past quickly catches up with her, and she’s left in the dark by everyone around her, is Raf her hero or the villain out to destroy more? 

We end on a cliffhanger, for me I feel we could have backed up slightly and left it in the unknown, leaving questions of “Is Gabi ok?” “Did she survive?” which would have made for a better more heart stopping cliffhanger, with a desperation to read the next book.

I enjoyed the book overall, and it’s the first book I’ve read by this author. It’s only 156 pages long, and there’s a lot packed in for those few pages, if you’re looking for a quick read, grab a copy you won’t be disappointed. 

I’ve given this book a star rating of 4, purely because it’s so short, and I feel more depth could have gone into Gabi herself, along with her relationships with Ashton, Luci and Raf.


** There are some parts in this book that might make some feel uncomfortable and or triggered, scenes of potential rape, suicide, drug misuse and threat come up. This isn’t given in a warning page before the book begins. So slide on by this book if any of those could cause upset.


Nicci xx