Unspoken The Longlake Duet book 2 – Hattie Jude



Title: UnSpoken – The Longlake Duet book 2

Author: Hattie Jude

Date of publication: February 4th 2021

Publication: Independently published.

Pages: 157

Edition Language: English.

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️




My past is catching up with me, and everyone I care about is at risk.
My relationship with Raf Barron–or whatever we are to each other–is more confusing than ever.
My heart wants to trust him, but all the facts prove he’s the last one I should trust.
Things are not what they seem and neither are the people who play their part.
Danger has followed me to Longlake and now there’s no stopping the downward spiral.
I either remain a pawn or I bring down the whole game. Neither choice looks good from where I’m standing.
Welcome to Longlake.
It’s time to fight dirty.
Unspoken is a dark romance, the second book in The Longlake Duet.From Amazon Kindle

This is the follow on book from Unwritten – Read my review for that here.

We begin where we left off in book one, Raf has remained by Gabi’s side whilst she’s been in the hospital. A video from Gabi’s past is leaked causing her to become the target for more bullying.

Things become far more complicated for Gabi and Raf, when their parents become closer.

She doesn’t know who she can trust, and we spend a lot of time falling down the rabbit-hole of her past liaisons with Luke, but as things suddenly take a turn for the worse for Gabi will Raf be the one to come through for her?

I enjoyed the conclusion to the story, but for me honestly this story didn’t need to be over two books. This could all have been done over one book, and wouldn’t have left the first book at an odd cliffhanger, more character development could have really made these books something more.

I’ve given it a four star rating, because for a short story it is a good read.

** There are some parts in this book that might make some feel uncomfortable and or triggered, scenes of potential rape, suicide, drug misuse and threat come up. This isn’t given in a warning page before the book begins. So slide on by this book if any of those could cause upset.