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Baking with a toddler

I do quite like baking, you know what’s exactly in it blah blah… Scrap that I love baking because it means you get a cake / cookies right then and there! And who doesn’t love cake / cookies?

Well not so long a go I decided (must of took a knock to the head that day) that it would be a great idea to bake some cookies with my then 22 month old! Future husband had gone back to work after paternity leave with the twins and honestly I felt like super mom! I got this parenting lark down y’know, (providing I have list of ALL feeds kept in Notes and bottom changes, and everyone is fed, changed, winded etc etc) well babies were both fast asleep and toddler needed some Mama time… You got to make time for that right? no matter how difficult it may be.

Well anyway it turns out I’m quite particular in how things are done and throwing stuff in here and dolloping stuff there and mixing like a crazy person all while laughing like a maniac doesn’t fit with my particular! Nor does wobbling my chops and blowing a raspberry at me with floured sticky hands, all while eating the chocolate chips and the dough out of the mixing bowl… but we survived the kitchen however was a different story…

imageIt turns out Toddler boy very much likes to help in the kitchen be it cooking a dinner with Daddy or baking with Mama, so who am I to knock his bat shit crazy ways!

Baking with a teeny person has definitely taken me outside my comfort zone.

Today we baked Scones, he helped with mixing (this involved throwing flour at me, up me and on the floor) When I tried to rub the mixture to fine breadcrumbs he continued to mix with a spoon all while yelling “I mix” we eventually managed to get it to the right consistency albeit with more hassle than normal. Rolling it out after giving him his own bit (why do they never want the bit you’ve given them?) he then proceeded to help me cut out MY dough… well they turned out alright actually even the ones that already look half eaten due to him being a little slap happy with the cutter! He had a fun day if nothing else… and at least they are edible xx


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