Dra’s off on a school trip today which he needed a packed lunch for, last night I lovingly prepared him an epic lunch consisting of PB&J sandwiches, popcorn, a fudge, a pear & an apple. And two bottles of juice (which I had to get a friend to grab me, Coz I forgot to go to the shop! the failings were already beginning)

After a ridiculously hectic morning made worse by Milo suddenly forgetting how to put his shoes on and then walk… Honestly! Making us verge on the brink of being late to school, I bundled everyone in the car, got to school no parking so parked at my Mums to save time as I needed to head back there anyhow, only to pull up and suddenly remember his lunch is sat all lovely and chilled IN. THE. FUCKING. FRIDGE! *cries*


We live 3 miles from school so no time to go back, luckily Kris was still at home, a very panic stricken screechy phone call to him about me being the worlds worst mother and our poor first born is gonna be starved all day. He comes to the rescue and brings lunch to the school office! *phew*

Since starting back to school in September, it has been MANIC! Seriously, I can’t even remember what month we’re in let alone what day. Dra has started dancing in an after school club on Thursdays, then on Wednesday’s all the kids along with my friends combined 3 kids we go to a performing arts group after school. Between friends from school’s birthday parties (why is there so many??) after school activities and working I’m a little all over the shop. Seriously NEED TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER!

Send help & coffee…

Anyway Dra’s well chuffed he gets to go to the safari park today (with his lunch) other kids in his class are also super excited about getting to see real life ACTUAL dinosaurs! How epic it is to be 5. Just hope they aren’t too disappointed on that front *eek*

Nicci x