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36wk scan with Twins.

36wk scan 08/09/15

36wks, wearing my sexy body support stocking!


Today was d-day! Depending on which way round bubbas are will depend on what options we have for delivery!
Our community care midwife Maxine came along with us so she could come in and speak with the doctor after the scan.
Both bubbas are doing tremendously well, our girl is approx 5lb 14oz and our boy is 6lb 2oz. So currently good weights!
Bad news though she needed to be head down but isn’t, our boy is but is behind his sister.
Talking to the doctor after confirmed the bad news, we have to have an elective C-Section…

Was not what I wanted to hear, I’m devastated the thought of having to be cut open whilst awake listening to the surgical team talking freaks me out more than anything, and having suffered with severe anxiety for years makes the whole situation feel 10x worse!
Maxine has been with us throughout and was with us when we had our first bubba, having had several chats about what we want, what we don’t & our fears etc she’s been amazing and supportive so was prepared for how obviously upset we were.
They said they’d get the anaesthetist to talk to us before hand, giving us the chance to explain our concerns / fears, and to discuss the actual process as well as pros & cons for general / epidural.

I considered a general purely so I could be away from the situation and not have to face any of it as I feel distraught over having to have a c-section. But was told by the doctor that being asthmatic could make the whole thing worse, Kris wouldn’t be able to be with us, wouldn’t get to see his babies being born blah blah (did feel like I was being slightly blackmailed about that!) after walking out of the office I honestly feel like none of it is my choice I merely get to choose the date they come!

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