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A new addition… 13/08/15

Wowzers after planning to extend our family with a new little person it was a little crazy to find it wasn’t going to be just one little person but two little people! TWINS!
We have fraternal twins on both sides, so we knew there was always a possibility, but it was still a shock seeing two teeny bubbas appear on the screen during the 12wk scan!
But to be honest I do feel the hospital made it a little worse by sending us to speak with the twin councillor, to discuss “options”
It was a little hard to deal with at first, in my head I’d created a life for this little person, decided on what sort of relationship I wanted my babies to have with each other, what kind of big brother Little D would be etc I sat and cried and you could say grieved for the little person we wasn’t going to have now! Seems ridiculous I know we were getting two little people instead! And I did feel bad for the “extra” bubba as I then felt because I was so sad about not having the one bubba we thought we were having it was like I didn’t want the “extra” one! Which was so far from the truth, but it was an exceptionally emotional time! (We have spoken to other twin & toddler parents who said they felt the same) Which seems weird now after the initial shock and that we’ve come to terms that we’re having two little people, as Little D gets a little brother & sister in one go!
He’s going to make an incredible big brother, and I can’t wait to see his relationship develop with both of them.


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